MASK (Nov 2020) | Défi Fauves

The production of this short was a bit complicated. Much love to the three wonderful people without whom it would have never been completed!

Written, edited, directed by Delilah M.

L'ARTISTE (Oct 2020) | 48H Film Project Paris

This was a huge 14 person project organized by our film nonprofit Spectres, we managed to complete the film in 48 hours (without sleep) and all of us were pretty thrilled with the result.

Directors: Pierlou Boudet, Louise Passaquit-Gauffre.
Editor: Delilah M.
Produced by Pierlou Boudet, Aline Tanriverdi, Delilah M

PANDORE (Jan 2020) | Festival du film court Paris 1

We originally intended to shoot this over the New Year, but after contracting the worst flu of our lives we delayed it for Paris 1's annual film festival and got it done just in the nick of time after a very sleepless night of editing. Oh the beauty of cinema.

Created by Marion Chiappe, Delilah M with the help of Matthieu Ferreira

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